Ride Sensible on Koh Phangan

Ride Sensible on Koh Phangan

Stupidity is common for new scooter riders

Koh Phangan and Koh Samui have the highest amount of motorbikes accidents in all of Thailand. Yes people still ride them without a helmet. So many riders on the road for the first time and we see these riders, there mirrors pointing in the wrong direction, there whole appearance and handling of the scooter shows they are not confident and they are riding without a helmet.

Walk on a side of a cliff with your eyes closed! Because not wearing a helmet is just about the same insanity.  All new riders on the road will get more confident on the road, your speed will increase, as you gain experience. You will become aware of using your mirrors when making any manoeuvre, and using your indicator when turning and riding in the in correct position on the road. But this does not guarantee your safety, there are other road users and some are as new to riding a scooter as you are and they including you are the ones who can create accidents.

Locals of the Island who see new riders on the road, just look on with a confused thoughts. New riders, wearing no helmet, first time on Thai roads and have no idea about Thai traffic. Most Thai people don’t wear crash helmets, this is true, but they know the roads and don’t race from A to B and understand a lot of about new riders on the road. Times are changing, more and more Thai people are wearing helmets. Since the introduction of 150cc bikes and some of the newer scooters and motorbikes on the road with more power, Thai people are beginning to wear them for their own safety.

Example of what’s seen all the time.

Why is that girl in only a bikini, no helmet, nothing on her feet riding a scooter with her indicator on, her mirrors not setup, so she can’t see behind her and riding at a speed that is slow and causing problems for other road users!

Why is that guy with only a pair of shorts on, nothing on his feet, no helmet and riding his scooter like he’s in a race?

We see this all too often. Don’t expect the police to stop you on the road for your bad riding and not wearing a helmet, especially here on Koh Phangan. This is all down to you, its pure common sense.

Go sit in the local hospital for half an hour and guaranteed the only people being brought in are from scooter accidents especially during full moon parties, high season and peak season. Check out wear a helmet